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  • Girls Knock Life's Guide On How Women Can Have A Better Work Life Balance

    Being a modern, working woman is never easy. You want to make sure that you are successful in your career, or running your business, but you also want to make sure you are happy and healthy.

    Achieving a work life balance isn’t the easiest things to do. However, it isn’t impossible. So, what is the secret? How can you maintain the ideal balance between the two? Girls Knock Life have the answer!

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  • The Girls Knock Life Guide To Writing Notes To Make You Smarter!

    It's no secret that plenty of us would welcome a touch of the smarts, or maybe helping to slow down the decline of our brains and keep ourselves sharp!

    There are a number of ways that you can try and do this, some of which are obvious, some of which are not quite so. Something that we can all do on a daily basis is writing notes. But what impact does writing notes have and why is it something that we should all be embracing in order to make ourselves smarter?

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  • Girls Knock Life’s 5 Top Tips for Monumental Mothers to be Less Stressed and More Patient

    If there is one thing that many parents have in common, it’s that feeling of stress and a distinct lack of patience. The good news is that these are things you can improve on. As a mother, it is our job to create a nurturing environment for our children, but as you know, life can take its toll... View Post


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