• Dress To Impress eBook

Dress To Impress eBook


Some women always seem to look fabulous. They make it look effortless, always having the perfect hair and amazing nails. They look so great in their clothes, its as if each outfit were specially-made for them. Yet fashion changes so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with todays latest current trends.  

Other people are a little less confident in their fashion choices. For these girls, learning about style can seem overwhelming. Theres so much information and so little time!

If only there was a guide book for everything fashionone that was made for the fashion diva, as well as the style-shy!

The good news is that there IS a go-to fashion guide for women who want to look their sleek and confident best. With Dress to ImpressWhats Your Body Type? youll learn all the secrets to creating the perfect look for your individual body. Its chock full of real, everyday tips from real, everyday people.

Theres no guesswork involved in figuring out your body type. Well teach you how to measure in order to exactly determine how to best describe your bodys shape. Armed with that information, youll learn how to go forward boldly into the clothing world, choosing clothes for everyday excursions, as well as formal clothes for special events. Another plus? Youll be able to do all of this without breaking the bank!

Using celebrity examples, youll learn to thoroughly understand how and why certain clothing choices work with different body types. In addition to all of this, well teach you to use an endless array of accessories to set off and perfect your wardrobe.

Its the must-have book for the fashion newbie, as well as the fashionista who wants to keep it current, is looking for inspiration, or needs fresh ideas. Dress to ImpressWhats Your Body Type? is your secret weapon to conquering the perfect lookone outfit at a time.