About Us

Girl Drinking Coffee

GKL (Girls Knock Life) is a multimedia one-stop online resource exclusively for women. We deliver judgment-free advice, tips, ideas and support - all designed to cut through the noise and nurture a woman's mind, body and spirit.


  • Provide innovative life hacking tips for taking the stress out of everyday life.
  • Introduce you to savvy businesswomen who are paving the way for others, and sharing carreer advice that give you the competitive edge.
  • Offer real-world advice that will get you close to bliss in relationships, parenting, work and play.
  • Share stories of women who have recognized opportunity in adversity.
  • Give fashion tips that will help you find your own personal style and tell you what will be trendy next month.
  • Provide insight for the traveler in you so that your next trip will be the best.
  • Give you access to inspirational clothes and accessories designed to spread good-vibes to women everywhere.